Handstand Teacher Training with Lucie & Sara & Jules


7 days handstand teacher training from 23rd - 29th of August 2021 at Freiraum Füssen, in the beautiful nature of Allgäu.


Handstands is a whole body movement art and teaching requires a lot of sensibility. 


Doing handstands is fun. Inviting your students to play upsidedown and sharing your knowledge even more. 

In this TT we focus on teaching you different approaches to a save inversion practice, teaching, spotting and adjusting.


You will learn the basics of handstands, how to get into it, practice it safely or how to approach different levels. We focus on techniques, alignment, spotting and variations. Our focus is sustainability and pre-hab exercises are included. 

We will work together on essential tools to explore the depth of handstands from any perspective. 

Refinement. Playfulness. Sustainability. 

Everyone can do handstands. And we believe in the power of sharing them with the world.


We combine our knowledge of yoga, gymnastics, movement flow, partner acrobatics, circus arts… 


Online Option:

You can also book the training online! We only ask you, to have enough space to move, including a wall. For the partner exercises you need a partner and for the "tool-session" you need the tools (we can help you with finding them, if you want to).


Since we are filming the sessions, you can also buy the recordings only, if you want to do the training at another time. You will not have a personal coaching though, that's why, we can offer the recordings only for a cheaper price. Please contact us, if you are interested in that solution.


Teaching language:

English, with some German translation. But you should have a basic understanding of English!



- The science of handstands

- How to teach handstands

- Communication in handstands

- Different types of assisting

- Using different tools, such as cubes, parallets & canes

- Psychological aspect of handstands



- Daily handstand training

- Inversions

- Advanced asanas

- Advanced yoga flow 

- Stretching and conditioning

- Pre-Hab


Session 1: 8 - 10 Uhr


Session 2: 11 - 13 Uhr


Session 3: 14:30 - 16.30 Uhr


Sunday 10 - 13 Uhr



200 h yoga teacher training

Inversion practice


The maximum of participants is 12!



EARLY BIRD - registration & transfer until 7th of July - 700 Euros

REGULAR - registration & transfer until 7th of July - 800 Euros

The price is excluding travel, food & accommodation. 



We are looking forward to go upside-down with you!


Jules, Sara & Lucie

EARLY BIRD - registration & transfer until 7th of July

700,00 €

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