Acro and Hiking Weekend with Lucie and Tudor

09. - 11. August 2024 @ Füssen, Allgäu


Experience a wonderful fusion of movement and adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of the Allgäu region, south of Germany.


Join us for a weekend of acrobatic exploration and invigorating hikes, where the beauty of nature intertwines with the joy of acrobatics and community.


Whether you're an experienced acrobat or a nature lover, this event promises to ignite your passion for both acrobatics and the great outdoors.


Join us in the Allgäu for an unforgettable weekend of movement, connection, and exploration.


Friday kicks off with a lively Jam session at the gym from 5-8pm, allowing you to warm up and connect with fellow acrobats.


On Saturday, start the morning with a rejuvenating Yoga and Handstand session led by the talented Lucie from 9-10:30am at the gym.


* Sunny option: Embark on a scenic hike from 11:30am to 4pm, also suitable for people not being used to altitude. Immerse yourself in the stunning Allgäu landscapes, breathing in the fresh mountain air.


After that, join an Acro Workshop in the heart of nature from 4-6pm, where you'll practice your acrobatic skills amidst the serene surroundings.


* Rainy Option: If the weather is not on our side, we will be returning to the gym playground for a 12-2:30pm workshop.


Later, from 4-5:30pm, we will indulge in a soothing Thai Massage Workshop, allowing your muscles to relax and recover.


Sunday begins with a dynamic session led by Tudor from 9-10:30am at the gym, ensuring you start the day energized.

Then, from 11:30am to 2pm, we will improve your acro skills while sharing the joy of movement with fellow enthusiasts.


This event is open level! We will meet your level, with offering different variations. We recommend a good ground-fitness though, since we will move a lot.





Die Werkstatt
Kemptener Str. 71

87629 Füssen



Königssträßchen 10

87645 Schwangau


depending on the weather we will choose one or the other location


Price, including all workshops, excluding accommodation & food: 270€


The spots are limited! Please book in advance to secure your "acro and hike magic".

Please let us know, if you have any questions.


We are looking forward, to spend a fabulous with you!


Tudor & Lucie


The following terms and conditions apply: AGB´s!

270,00 €

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About Tudor:

Tudor Sirbu, a certified Acrobatics teacher and Strength and Conditioning Coach with over a decade of experience, embarked on his AcroYoga journey in London in 2014.

Since then, he has refined his skills through intensive training with top instructors worldwide, developing his unique "Training for Acro" method. Passionate about sharing his expertise, Tudor conducts workshops globally, fostering growth within the AcroYoga community.

He moved to Portugal in 2020 and continued with his mission, organising and taking part in different events around the world and supporting the local Acro communities.

Beyond in-person teaching, Tudor's dedication extends to online personal training, where he continues to inspire clients to achieve their fitness goals, enriching lives with his infectious energy and expertise.


About Lucie:


Lucie Beyer is an instructor for Yoga, AcroYoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Kids Yoga as well as Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation. With her open and authentic nature it is dear to her heart to create a trustful space for inner development and high quality learning experiences.


As a handstand teacher, she turns her and our world upside down with her unique expertise and empathy. Her passion is to help people unleash their full potential and find ease and peace in themselves and their own bodies.


You can meet Lucie either in her hometown Füssen or at festivals, conferences, workshops, trainings and retreats in Germany and worldwide.





Handstand Workshop in Füssen



10 - 12 Uhr


Open Level!


Let’s change perspective!

Dieser Workshop ist für alle geeignet, die sich an den Handstand wagen oder sich einfach sicherer in dieser wunderbaren Haltung fühlen wollen. Ich werde erste Schritte vermitteln, wie das sichere „Hinein- & Hinauskommen“, zudem Kräftigungsübungen für entsprechende Körperpartien und zu einer spielerischen Leichtigkeit innerhalb des Handstandes einladen. Du bist sowohl mit als auch ohne Erfahrung willkommen, ich kann immer Variationen passend zu deinem Level anbieten.


Wir werden uns gegenseitig coachen und spotten - Du wirst jederzeit gehalten und unterstützt sein!



Die Werkstatt

Kemptener Straße 71

87629 Füssen



Early Bird (Überweisung bis 14.9.2024): 40€

danach: 45€


Lass uns gern, über das Kontaktformular wissen, wenn du Fragen hast!


Die Buchung ist mit der Überweisung abgeschlossen, eine RG wird ein paar Tage nach der Buchung per Email verschickt. Es gelten folgende AGB's.

40,00 €

Handstand Weekend Intensive in Füssen

Vom 29.11. - 01.12.24


Der Fokus des Intensives liegt auf deiner individuellen Praxis. Gemeinsam werden wir herausfinden, woran du gerade arbeitest und wie deine Ziele optimal unterstützt werden können. Und dann wird trainiert!!!



Freitag 18-20 Uhr

Trainingscircuit & Free HS Jam - hier werden wir evaluieren, wo du in deiner Handstandpraxis stehst und wie ich dich am besten supporten kann.


Samstag: 3 Workshops

9-11 // 11:30-13:30 // 15-17 Uhr


Sonntag: 2 Workshops

9-11 // 11:30-13:30 Uhr



Alignment & Balance


Mobility & Flexibilität


Die physikalischen Kräfte in der Handstand Praxis

All time classic entries

Creative entries

Shapes & Sequences

Sidebending, Weightshifts & Piano

Material: Canes, Cubes, Parallettes...

Spotting Techniques

Selfmassage & Cool Down


Maximale Teilnehmer:innenzahl: 16

Level: Nur mit Handstand-Vorerfahrung!


Das WE kann nur im Ganzen gebucht werden.



Die Werkstatt

Kemptener Straße 71

87629 Füssen



Early Bird (Überweisung bis 15.10.): 250€

danach: 270€

(- exklusive Verpflegung & Unterkunft)


Lass uns gern, über das Kontaktformular wissen, wenn du Fragen hast!


Die Buchung ist mit der Überweisung abgeschlossen, eine RG wird ein paar Tage nach der Buchung per Email verschickt. Es gelten folgende AGB´s.

250,00 €