AcroYogaGang Teacher Training Prerequisites!


Our prerequisites make sure that the group meets on one level. They set you up for success! So please read them carefully.


If you don’t know some of the poses, names & sequences, feel free to ask us for a video.


We also offer single or five times online private class bundles, to make sure, that you are ready for that adventure!




You need be fit!

- We will move for two weeks. Make sure to develop your own movement and/or workout practice, to be able to enjoy the TT.


You are allowed to have „weak“ points!

- We want humans no machines.


It’s only possible to attend the entire training. 

- Mainly to provide a safe container for a deep human connection & group process.


The weeks can’t be split.


This training is an invitation to explore and expand emotional boundaries and those of our minds. 



Acro Prerequisites


Solo Practice:

  • 30 seconds handstand hold against the wall
  • ANY version of cartwheel
  • 10 knee or plank pushups


Basing AND Flying:


Static Poses

  • High Flying Whale
  • Front, Reversed & Back Bird
  • Star
  • Supported Shoulderstand


  1. Plank, Foot to Shin, Flamingo, Shin to Foot and back.
  2. Throne, High Flying Whale, Throne, Foot to Shin, Plank.


  • Star to Straddle Bat


Base OR Fly:


Static Poses

  • Reversed Star
  • Reversed Shoulderstand
  • Side Star
  • Foot to Hand


  1. Ninja Star
  2. Four Step


  • Helicopter
  • Cartwheel to bat


Giving & Receiving Thai Massage:

Minimum of three Thai Massage Workshops or a Thai Massage Basic Course with any teacher.